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Apple’s 64-bit A7 SoC ‘set off panic’ for chipmakers

Apple caught market-leading chipmakers off guard when it debuted the 64-bit A7 system-on-chip alongside the iPhone 5s in September, a move one Qualcomm insider says put the industry in panic mode. In a report from Dan Lyons’ blog HubSpot, an … Continue reading

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Windows Phone needs a remake before it becomes ignored

Three years have passed since Windows Phone made its public arrival, and this year, the mobile operating system earned the coveted third place that Microsoft wanted for it — but wearing the bronze medal matters for naught when one is … Continue reading

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Leading Russian actor on gays: ‘I’d burn them all alive in ovens’

“I’d burn them all alive in ovens,” Ivan Okhlobystin says of gay people, according to a Russian website. A leading Russian actor, who was formally a priest, has called for gay people to be burned alive in ovens. Ivan Okhlobystin, … Continue reading

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November sales data shows a worrying lack of momentum for the Wii U

Last night’s release of November US console sales data by tracking firm NPD gave both Sony and Microsoft something to crow about in the largest single market for video games. Microsoft was able to claim the mantle of fastest-selling new … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas out now on iOS

Rockstar Games’ iOS port of GTA: San Andreas has launched on iTunes. The iOS version of the game features improved graphics and draw distance, plus three different control schemes including support for made-for-iOS controllers on iOS 7. You can even … Continue reading

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Apple’s iPhone 5s remains ‘by far the top selling smartphone’

Apple continues to dominate smartphone sales with their flagship iPhone 5s and mid-range iPhone 5c as the handsets took two of the top three sales slots at every major U.S. wireless carrier for the third month in a row. The … Continue reading

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iPhone dominance in user engagement, developer payouts trumps unimportant market share stats

Apple’s share of the mobile phone market is growing, but it still remains below 10 percent, even as Apple and its development community rake in profits from an actively engaged user base. That led analyst Charlie Wolf on Thursday to … Continue reading

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