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Harrison Ford will return in ‘Blade Runner’ sequel

Need more good news after today’s net neutrality ruling? Deadline and Varietyreport it has been confirmed that Harrison Ford will return to the role of Rick Deckard in the Blade Runner sequel that’s currently in the works. Ridley Scott is producing the film, Hampton Fancher … Continue reading

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Apple partner Imagination unveils PowerVR ‘super-GPU’ with 512 ALU cores for game consoles

Imagination Technologies, the company who designs the graphics processors used in Apple’s A-series chips, unveiled the PowerVR GT7900 on Thursday, a so-called “super-GPU” that will power affordable game consoles, and could be a candidate for a future Apple TV refresh.  … Continue reading

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Yusuke Hashimoto Outlines His Desire to Continue the Bayonetta Franchise

have all kinds of ideas in my head” Back in late 2014, Bayonetta 2 graced the consoles of many Wii U owners. The supposedly cancelled game had made it’s glorious revival when Nintendo announced that it was picking up the … Continue reading

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Illegals win tax refund bonus

Millions of immigrants benefiting from President Barack Obama’s executive actions could get a windfall from the IRS, a reversal of fortune after years of paying taxes to help fund government programs they were banned from receiving. Armed with new Social … Continue reading

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Intel to sell remaining stake in Apple partner & mobile GPU maker Imagination Technologies

The Intel Foundation will sell its 4.9 percent stake in Imagination Technologies, the company whose PowerVR graphics processors are a key component of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, it was announced on Thursday. Once the sale is complete, the Intel Foundation … Continue reading

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After whipping Intel, Nvidia & AMD in mobile chips, sky’s the limit for Apple Inc’s silicon design team

While rumors have long claimed that Apple has plans to replace Intel’s x86 chips in Macs with its own custom ARM Application Processors, there are a series of more valuable opportunities available to Apple’s silicon design team, each of which … Continue reading

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