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Co-pilot was at the controls of AirAsia crash jet before it plunged into the sea – not the more experienced captain, who was a former fighter pilot, investigators reveal

Second-in-command Remi Plesel was flying pane before it crashed into sea Captain Iriyanto, an experienced former military jet pilot, was ‘monitoring’ He’s thought to have taken control from Plesel when plane began to ascend Co-pilot had 2,275 flying hours when … Continue reading

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Apple Inc. posts biggest quarterly earnings of any company ever

”Apple had a pretty good quarter,” Greg Kumparak reports for TechCrunch. “And by ‘pretty good,’ I mean it was the biggest quarter in history.” “And not just for Apple,” Kumparak reports. “For any company. Ever.” “Until today, Russia’s Gazprom (the … Continue reading

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After eating AMD & Nvidia’s mobile lunch, Apple Inc could next devour their desktop GPU business

While rumors have long claimed that Apple has plans to replace Intel’s x86 chips in Macs with its own custom ARM Application Processors, MacGPUs are among a series of potentially more valuable opportunities available to Apple’s silicon design team, and … Continue reading

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Adobe acknowledges critical remote vulnerability in Flash, exploits already in the wild

Adobe on Saturday released an updated version of its Flash player software that patches an undisclosed vulnerability which could allow remote attackers to take control of Macs or PCs, urging users to update as the problem is being actively exploited … Continue reading

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T-Mobile business isn’t sustainable, says parent company CEO

From its outspoken CEO with his unabashed Apple love, to the company’s insistence on trying new unorthodox strategies to hook customers, there’s plenty to like about T-Mobile. Plenty to like, that is, unless you work on the business side of … Continue reading

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Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales in December, With Yearly Results Beating 2013

3DS had its best ever month of first-party software sales We’re now heading into the time of reckoning when we learn how Nintendo fared over the festive sales period, and there’s a positive start courtesy of the December NPD results … Continue reading

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DEA kept records of US phone calls for nearly 15 years

The NSA isn’t the only American government agency keeping track of phone call metadata… or rather, it wasn’t. A Department of Justice court filing has revealed that the Drug Enforcement Administration maintained records of every call made from the US … Continue reading

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