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Yakuza 5 due in Japan December 2012, has new engine

Yakuza 5, as revealed in a leak from the latest Famitsu magazine, sounds like it’s expanding significantly on its predecessors, spreading out into five Japanese cities (Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka) with one protagonist in each – for a … Continue reading

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how your tax money is used to undermine 2nd Amendment Cities around the country have created staff positions for professional lobbyists whose primary function is to drum up support for anti-gun legislation, ordinances and regulations. Part of these lobbyists salaries … Continue reading

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Yemeni Jew stabbed to death in Sanaa for witchcraft

A member of the Jewish community in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa was stabbed to death by a Muslim man accusing him of witchcraft on Tuesday, AFP quoted the man’s son as saying. Aharon Zindani succumbed to his wounds at … Continue reading

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Facebook could be looking to buy Opera browser

Since its IPO earlier this month, Facebook has wasted no time in expanding its empire — it’s already purchased the Karma mobile gifting service and launched a standalone camera app — and talk about the social network’s next steps doesn’t … Continue reading

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GM (US Taxpayers) Paid For Communist Chinese Film

Cadillac, a symbol of “American Freedom & Prosperity” division of General Motors, is quickly turning Communist Chinese. With the agreement by Cadillac to pay for the production expenses of a Chinese Communist Party propaganda film, the Cadillac brand now stands … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON – Russia is planning to make a $10 billion contribution to the International Monetary Fund’s crisis-fighting fund as part of an effort to assert more sway and influence in the outcome of the European financial crisis, according to a … Continue reading

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