Ameba: A new indie game developed for Dreamcast

Ameba: A new indie game developed for Dreamcast

A noir visual novel coming soon for Dreamcast Its not the first time we’ve seen that an indie developer decide to release their game not only on current digital […]
A noir visual novel coming soon for Dreamcast

Its not the first time we’ve seen that an indie developer decide to release their game not only on current digital stores but also on their favorite console from yesteryear. Titles like Pier Solar and the grand architects are a proof of this, released not too long ago on PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo’s eShop and Steam, but also on physical format for Mega Drive/Genesis and Dreamcast.

That’s exactly what’s going on with the new game we’re talking about today. Its name is Ameba, and it’s a new game developed for Dreamcast, PC, Mac and Ouya. Developed by the spanish indie studio Retro Sumus, an independent team of four components who are very experienced on their respective areas, although this is the first game they produce together.

It’s a very special title. Not only because it’s being released on SEGA’s latest console, more than 10 years before it was commercially discontinued, but also because it’s a Visual Novel, a genre not very common not only on Dreamcast, but also on western developers.

Ameba tells the story of a veteran policeman and his obsessive quest to find the truth about some cases he is pretty sure were closed under false pretenses. He is the only one who has seen the truth, and his mission is to uncover it to bring justice once and for all. It will be set on nowadays Spain, but it might have some flashbacks to the past.

It will be full high resolution 2D graphics for all platforms, including Dreamcast, and the OST will be made completely of strong, original piano themes composed by Juanjo Martin, a well known Spanish musician part of the band Efecto Mariposa.

On the art side, all the graphics of the game will be made by artist Ximo Ferrer, known for being the art director of “Hollywood Monsters 2”, who will paint the game a pretty pretty face. Story will be written by Carlos Oliveros, a veteran journalist from several Spanish game magazines such as GTM and also worked on Pier Solar. Last, but not least, on the programming side there is Daniel Lancha aka Chui, well known on the Dreamcast scene for being the developer on several emulators and apps for Sega’s last console, and also Pier Solar HD lead programmer.

The game will be released fully on English and Spanish. There is still nothing set on stone about if the game will be crowdfounded or not, but Carlos Oliveros has told us that they’re already on talks with a publisher who will release the game comercially. Its tentative release date is late 2015.

There is still soon to expect a fixed release date, but you can start to peek on what this game will offer with this teaser image and trailer Retro Sumus released on their Facebook, Twitter and website.


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