Dodge’s Desperation To Sell Vipers Pays Off

Early last month, Dodge announced what it hoped would be a partial solution to slow Viper sales. About $15,000 was cut from the V10-powered supercar’s base price. The problem was about 600 unsold Vipers were just sitting on dealer lots, and they needed to go.

What’s more, Dodge offered $15,000 coupons to those who had bought a Viper in the last year, in an effort to trade theirs in for a new one, or even a second one. As it turns out the plan has worked, at least somewhat.

A total of 108 Vipers were sold last month – double the amount sold in September 2013. In August of this year, just 38 Vipers sold.

A new Viper can now be had for about $85,000, before taxes. But will this special promotion continue? Dodge hasn’t said anything otherwise, and there are still plenty of unsold Vipers collecting dust. However, there’s a greater concern here regarding the future of the Viper. Something needs to be done in order to get sales properly moving at pace. Otherwise, well, let’s not go there for the time being.


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