McLaren Unveils Track-Only 650S Sprint

As McLaren prepares to roll into Pebble Beach, it will be arriving with a newly-announced trick up its sleeve. The McLaren 650S Sprint from the company’s in-house GT division is a track-only lightweight version of the 650S coupe, replacing the 12C Sprint. Recognized by its white body and black and orange finishes, the Sprint gets improved cooling for its 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which, along with the transmission, has been recalibrated for improved racing abilities
The 650S Sprint also receives new Pirelli racing tires and 19-inch center-lock wheels, riding on a retuned suspension and fitted with upgraded brakes. A quick-fill fuel tank cap and larger radiator join an on-board air jack system and fire suppression system. A stripped-down cabin and roll cage, new racing seats and harnesses tell the driver exactly what this car is meant for.

The lucky few who will get to enjoy this as their new weekend toy will be asked to part with £198,000 (UK pricing) for the guilty pleasure.


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