Ferrari Patents New Steering Technology

Ferrari Patents New Steering Technology

Ferrari has patented an innovative new steering system that is said to offer more accuracy than ever before. The new steering technology reduces inaccuracy and inconsistent feedback that existing steering setups suffer from, with the aim of making future sports cars steer with greater precision. The system uses a direct mechanical steering linkage, but one that’s enhanced with software that makes adjustments for inconsistencies such as those that arise when turning the wheel at different angles and from left to right.

The software is said to calculate the angle and torque applied to the steering wheel, applying the necessary corrections to reduce “transmission error,” a term used to explain the delay between the driver’s input on the wheel and response of the front wheels.

As a result, steering will become more linear and consistent without sacrificing the feel of a mechanical rack. And as it uses the existing steering hardware, the new system won’t add any extra weight.


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