Modder offers first-person tour of Grand Theft Auto 5

Having grown tired of committing felonies in the third-person, Grand Theft Auto 5 modder XBLToothPik crafted a script that adds a first-person perspective to Rockstar’s latest crime-ridden sandbox.

The results, which you can see above and in a second video below the break, are simultaneously disorienting and alluring. Clearly the game was never meant to be viewed from the eyes of its three protagonists, but with a few minor alterations this new perspective could become a viable option for players seeking a new outlook on life in Los Santos.

Keep in mind, the footage presented here was created using the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto 5. The imminent PC release will undoubtedly spawn first-person modifications shortly after launch, and hopefully the more accessible platform will allow resourceful modders the freedom to clean up some of the clipping errors and odd perspective issues seen here.


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