The spread of terror

What’s interesting to me is that there is only one religion that’s favored by the left. Islam gets a pass. Why? In a twisted way, it’s because the dogs of hate hope to see Islam spread in America in order to overcome the hated Christian white male. You don’t understand the psychology of these people. You have any idea how sick and demented and dangerous they really are. I warn you, don’t underestimate your enemy. I want Them to prove Islam is a religion of peace. I’m not going to sit here and prove that I’m not a racist. Let them prove that They’re not racists. What do you call Saudia Arabia, where you’re not allowed to practice Christianity except behind closed doors; Where you’re not allowed to wear a cross except underneath your blouse; Where you’re not allowed to wear your hair out because it offends these religious bigots with oil spigots? What do you call a nation like that? You call that a sensitive nation? They have no tolerance for anyone else. None. In fact, as I write, I find it hard to dismiss this fact : Of the major religion based conflicts on earth today, the overwhelming majority involved Islam. I’m just calling it the way It is. Count them for yourself .

There are Jihad’s in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya , Cypress, East Timor, Indonesia, Kashmir,Kosovo ,Kurdistan ,Macedonia ,the Middle East ,Nigeria, The Philippines, the Sudan, and Uganda. 15 conflicts with one common denominator. All involve Muslims who can’t get along with their neighbors.


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Film maker. Video game historian. Will put more in here this section soon!
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