Sega to Aid in Arcade Port of DOA5 Ultimate

First New DOA to Arcades in 13 Years

A lot has been made about the death of the arcade given the wild popularity of home consoles, but in Japan at least, the machines are still a strong attraction. Plenty exist in Tokyo, and Sega Sammy still maintains its Joypolis virtual amusement parks well to this day, packed with the company’s latest and greatest arcade games.

Some franchises once dominant in the arcade have lost their way. One of those is Dead or Alive. The storied fighting game has its roots in the arcade, with the original DOA and its sequel seeing arcade editions, but every subsequent entry has been exclusive to home consoles. That will change soon; Tecmo Koei has announced that, with the help of a Sega arcade board, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will see a port to Japanese arcades. That’s according to a Siliconera report.

The port will run on the Sega ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver. 2 arcade hardware. No details concerning a release timetable were revealed. When we know more, we will bring it to you. If nothing else, from a business standpoint, this may explain the inclusion of several characters from Sega franchise Virtua Fighter into DOA5.


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