Road Redemption, a Road Rash spiritual successor on Kickstarter

DarkSeas Games is looking to finance a spiritual successor to Road Rash through Kickstarter. Road Redemption is a Unity-based game for PC, Mac OSX and Linux featuring a single-player story revolving around biker gangs and drug distribution routes and online multiplayer. As you can see in the announcement video above, the Road Rash influence is palpable.

Melee weapons, firearms and explosives will all be tools of the trade for bikers, with a counter and parry system at the heart of combat. Bikers can also kick other bikers into oncoming traffic because bikers are violent maniacs.

Gameplay is being “geared toward experienced players,” the Kickstarter page says. The developers explain the systems will feel more satisfying because of the difficulty. A few months after launch, should the Kickstarter drive yield success, DarkSeas Games will release the source code, art assets and project files to the public for modding.

It’s important to note that none of the individuals involved with Road Redemption actually worked on the Road Rash series, odd considering co-designer Dan Geisler’s statements on Reddit last month. When asked, “Why hasn’t this game resurfaced?,” Geisler responded that he wasn’t ready, but is now and may even seek funding through Kickstarter. Awkward.

Road Redemption is looking for $160,000 over the next 29 days. As of right now, the campaign has pulled in around $8,000.


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