More Sonic games in 2013.

The cat is out of the box

It was easy to guess, but it looks like we’re having more Sonic games in 2013.

Sega themselves confirms that in an interview magazine Toys ‘N’ Playthings did to Sega Europe’s Head of Brand Licensing, Sissel Henno. While the interview is focused on the Merchandise aspect of the franchise, it also reveals that several new digital Sonic titles, and a new boxed game will be coming in 2013.

Over the next year there will be a big focus across the toy distribution across Europe. Similarly, we will also be growing the apparel, publishing and stationary categories. We will have several new digital titles launching as well as a new boxed game, so there will be plenty of opportunities to link marketing campaigns across games and merchandise

Along with this, the interview also confirms their plan to expand merchandise over Europe, and to release a pack containing Vector, Espio and Charmy action figures, new flocked mini figures and a new augmented reality T-shirt based off ASRT, who will be released later this month in UK to go with the release of the game.

We already know one of those digital games is the Sonic the Fighters Release, but…what could be the other ones? and the boxed one? We have to wait. But at least, know we’re sure that the blue hedgehog will run fast in 2013.

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