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Don’t Call The New Microsoft Surface RT A Tablet, This Is A PC

The Microsoft Surface RT is a PC. It’s not a mobile device and it’s not a tablet, it’s a PC. And Microsoft’s first self-branded computer. It is, in short, the physical incarnation of Microsoft’s Windows 8. The expectations and competition … Continue reading

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Apple exec Phil Schiller defends $329 entry price of iPad mini

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller has publicly come to the defense of the $329 entry price of the iPad mini, saying he believes customers are willing to pay for quality that rivals like Amazon and Google don’t offer. At $329, … Continue reading

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Frenchman Vents on French Women

French girls used to be famous for coquetterie”, a behavior that made them charming and above all lovable. Needless to say it’s not the case anymore. It’s seems that all the good old qualities that used to make a girl … Continue reading

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2011 Philadelphia Eagles against the New York Giants. The incredible comeback

One of the most incredible comeback I have ever seen from the Philadelphia Eagles here is an awesome video showing the incredible comeback of 2011 game against the Giants

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NVIDIA’s VGX cards bring big graphics performance to virtual machines

However, the new hardware and software is not without limitations. Though virtual machines have become indispensable in the server room over the last few years, desktop virtualization has been less successful. One of the reasons has been performance, and specifically … Continue reading

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Drivers’ smoking give passengers high levels of secondhand smoke

Smoking tobacco while driving might seem harmless. But smoking drivers are subjecting themselves—and their passengers—to extremely unhealthy levels of air pollution, say scientists. The study, conducted by British researchers and due to be published in the journal Tobacco Control, was … Continue reading

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Ford recalls 2011-13 Fiesta cars due to side air bags failure

Ford Motor Co. has announced a recall of more than 154,000 Ford Fiesta subcompact cars which fail to deploy the vehicles’ side air bags during a collision when there is no front passenger, said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. … Continue reading

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