Frenchman Vents on French Women

French girls used to be famous for coquetterie”, a behavior that made them charming and above all lovable. Needless to say it’s not the case anymore. It’s seems that all the good old qualities that used to make a girl desirable as a mate as well as worthy of devotion and respect, have simply disappeared.

I believe that comes mainly from education or lack of it. As the matter of fact, most of the girls of my generation (born in the eighties) re the product of divorce. Between 40-50 per cent of French marriages end in divorce.

As a female judge delivers the divorce, you know that she is condemning family to death. For where will the family then go without its natural leader? Where will her members will turn to for protection and guidance, once their husband and father has been rendered powerless?

The all-powerful mother then takes over, showing her female offspring that she was able to free herself of the male burden… But she remains ignorant to the fact that by “freeing” herself, she is in fact alienating her children, depriving them of their father’s indispensable presence.

She plants the seeds of distrust towards male. The young girls are programmed to fail in their future relationship with a male.

Young females often perpetuate unwillingly this sort of evil paradigm. They perceive man as an oppressor and that he must therefore be kept away from any involvement or decision with family affairs.

As sad as it can be, men no longer have a say and are more and more cast away, thus unable to play their rightful role as husband and father.

The only form of authority a man is still recognized for is his earning power! How low humanity has fallen when the sole remaining measure of a man’s value is equal what he can afford…


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