Carmageddon now on iOS, free for first day

Carmageddon is now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and as promised British studio Stainless Games is offering it for free on its first day there. It’s launched slightly later than anticipated, but the gory racer once infamously banned in its home nation is now available to all at no cost. Well, all the age of 12 and over – come on, it’s still Carmageddon. Anyway, if you’re unlucky enough not to nab it in the first 24 hours, it’ll still be available but at its regular price of $1.99.

A lot’s changed since Carmageddon released in 1997. Back then Grand Theft Auto was only a single game, nobody really knew who Britney Spears was, and a certain Steve Jobs had just returned to a struggling company called Apple to save them from near bankruptcy. Stainless’ classic, however, plays on iOS much as it did 15 years ago, albeit with a few touch-ups. It now comes with various customized controls, editable video replays, retina display and iPhone 5 support, leaderboards, and other enhancements to boot. It of course still features, as Stainless puts it, “buckets of gibs.”

The Android version is due to hit late 2012/early 2013.


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