Carmageddon ‘should’ hit iOS next week, Android late 2012/early 2013

The iOS version of the infamously violent Carmageddon should be available for download next week, Stainless Games tells us. Founders Patrick Buckland and Neil ‘Nobby’ Barnden say they’ve submitted the racer to the App Store, and pending Apple’s approval it arrives sometime next week. The Android version, however, remains in development and won’t hit until around late 2012/early 2013.

While the port remains faithful, it’s also tweaked for iOS beyond a slight visual uplift. The controls are very flexible, with touch pads for pedals and steering able to placed anywhere across the screen, and tilt controls are supported as well. There’s also the integrated ability to share videos of your greatest maims on YouTube and Facebook. Stainless tells us it’s tried to make the 1997 game more accessible for a modern audience, including making specific tweaks to the opening levels to help new players through a little easier. There is, though, a range of difficulties to keep those hailing from the old school in their driving seats. Multiplayer is sadly absent, but Stainless promises it’s a big part of the upcoming Carmageddon: Reincarnation.

We asked Patrick and Neil if they were tempted to tweak the iOS version to bring it up to an 18 rating (it’s been rated as a PEGI 12). The pair laughed that they weren’t with “this game,” implying they may well be with the upcoming Reincarnation. As Stainless promised in the Reincarnation Kickstarter, the game will be free for the first 24 hours of its release, costing $1.99 after that.


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