Rhythm Thief coming to iOS

Freemium Port in the Works

Sega’s commitment to portable gaming continues. Earlier today, Eurogamer reported that the company is preparing to bring Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure to iOS devices. Sega’s Japanese site appears to list the game as freemium, meaning gamers can look forward to a free core product with optional in-app purchases to improve the experience.

Despite receiving positive critical reception, Rhythm Thief has not fared well commercially, with just 140,000 units sold worldwide according to VGChartz. Of those units, nearly 71% of them were sold in Japan since the game’s January 19th launch in that region. If the game truly is having trouble finding an international foothold, an iOS release may well provide the sales boost Sega is looking for.

Rhythm Thief is set for release on iOS sometime this winter. We thank Skai Cyan for tipping us off via email. If you have news you think we should know about, send us a News Tip via the Send Tips link at the top of every page.


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