On Wednesday, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani threatened war against Israel if there is any interference from the West in Syria. Larijani’s threat followed Kofi Annan’s deputy, Jean-Marie Guehenno, relating to the 15-nation council the dim chances of Annan’s efforts at peacemaking efforts in halting the violence in Syria. The United States has hinted that it might bypass the U.N. and directly intervene in the Syrian civil war. Larijani said:

“US military officials probably have a poor understanding of themselves and regional issues because Syria is in no way similar to Libya, and (the effects of) creating another Benghazi in Syria would spread to Palestine, and ash rising from the flames would definitely envelop the Zionist regime.”

Despite the protestations of the Obama Administration that the United States is still looking for a way to mediate the conflict with Iran, Larijani’s threat makes it clear that Iran is already on war footing with the West.


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