Yemeni Jew stabbed to death in Sanaa for witchcraft

A member of the Jewish community in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa was stabbed to death by a Muslim man accusing him of witchcraft on Tuesday, AFP quoted the man’s son as saying.

Aharon Zindani succumbed to his wounds at an area hospital after being critically injured in the attack, the community’s rabbi told AFP.

Zindani, 50, “was stabbed at Saawan market near the US Embassy in northeast Sanaa,” his son Yehya was quoted as saying. “He received stab wounds to his neck and stomach.”

Yehya described the attacker as a “wellknown person who says my father has ruined and bewitched him.”

According to Israeli media reports, the attacker stabbed Zindani 12 times before being stopped by a group of men and detained.

A friend of Zindani, Shlomo Grafi, told Army Radio that he had been killed by a “member of al-Qaida.”

Zindani had returned to Yemen after he had made aliya and lived in Israel in the 1990s, he said.

Grafi claimed that the Jewish community in Sanaa, numbering some 80 members, did not feel in danger despite Yemen’s volatile political climate.


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