Nexon bids for EA takeover, everyone says it’s very unlikely

You know Nexon, right? The South Korean MMO company that made Maple Story and … uh … Everplanet … and stuff? Anyway, Nexon is a pretty big deal on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Such a big deal, in fact, that it’s looking at buying out some of its rivals, apparently including EA. MK Business News (a South Korean newspaper) reports that Nexon’s Japanese headquarters spoke with EA about a potential acquisition recently.

What came of those talks, however, is unclear. For its part, EA isn’t offering any news. “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation,” is all reps told us, which you’ll notice isn’t a denial of said talks taking place.

But could such a deal even take place? Experts don’t seem to think so. “My takeaway is that this deal cannot happen,” Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter told GI International. “There are few, if any synergies, and no reason to believe that Nexon could run EA’s assets more efficiently. Nexon shareholders would own a completely different company than what they bought in the December IPO,” he added, referring to Nexon’s late 2011 public stock offering.

So for now, while the talk of an EA takeover is always scintillating to discuss, it’s very likely not happening (at least via Nexon) anytime soon.


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