Microsoft job ads hint at a browser-based version of Skype based on HTML5

There’s something thrilling about using job postings to parse a company’s strategy, especially when the advert is so gosh darn low on secrecy. Take Microsoft, for instance, which posted four openings for developers to work on its Skype for Browsers project. If that weren’t self-explanatory enough, the various ads each explain that Microsoft is looking for code monkeys to help “bring [the] Skype experience on to the Web,” a position that calls for HTML5 know-how, along with proficiency in C#, Java or C++. That’s as official a heads up as any, though if you’ve been paying attention you know Skype already powers Facebook’s web-based video chat service. So it shouldn’t exactly be surprising, then, that a Skype-branded version is likely in the works as well. Armchair investigators can find the postings at the source links, where any brilliant, Europe-based developers can try their hand at one of the four openings.


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