2012 Ford Focus recalled due to windshield wiper motor wiring

Ford Motor Company is recalling its 2012 Ford Focus sedans due to a fault in the car’s windshield wiper system, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). More than 140,000 Focus sedans are missing seals in its windshield washer motor wirings, which may result in passenger side wiper motor failures. The reduced visibility can increase the risk of a collision, said NHTSA.

The recalled 2012 Ford Focus vehicles were manufactured from August 2012 through October 2011. Ford is expected to notify customers affected by this Focus recall starting next month.

The 2012 Focus is one of Ford’s best-selling small cars. And it was recently judged by Consumer Reports editors as one of the most fun to drive cars in its class (small cars).

Ford will instruct owners to bring in their Focus cars to local dealerships. Mechanics will inspect, clean and properly seal the passenger side windshield wiper motor connection for free. They will also replace any inoperative passenger side motors, as necessary.

For more information on this 2012 Ford Focus recall, consumers can call Ford’s customer relationship center toll-free (866-436-7332) and reference and reference Ford’s safety recall campaign number 12S29.


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