Stuck throttles on 2005-06 Ford Taurus cars are subject of probe

A federal probe into 2005-06 Ford Taurus sedans has been opened by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after 14 consumer complaints of stuck throttles.

According to NHTSA’s Office of Defect Investigations (ODI), consumers have complained of high engine speeds—up to 4,000 RPMs—when shifting the Ford Taurus out of gear and into Park or Neutral. Others have complained of difficulty in slowing or stopping a moving car. In one instance, reports the ODI, a Taurus’ brakes were unable to stop the car in time for a red light, allegedly causing the driver to stop in the middle of the intersection.

In some of the cases reported to the federal safety agency, drivers allegedly had to shut off the Taurus’ engine and/or shift into Neutral in order to stop the vehicle. (See Consumer Reports Unintended acceleration guide for safety tips on How to handle a runaway car.)

The alleged incidents are believed to be related to the cars’ cruise control cables. However, engineers with Ford Motors and NHTSA’s ODI are working to determine what causes the throttle to stick and whether a broader recall of the Ford Taurus is necessary.

Consumers can file a vehicle safety complaint onNHTSA’s website,

For more information, check out our post: How to write a NHTSA complaint – and make it useful.

Investigation: 2005-06 Ford Taurus-Vehicle speed controls; Action #:PE12005 [NHTSA ODI]


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