California out nearly $2 million on failed video game legislation

When California agreed to foot the Entertainment Software Association’s $950,000 legal bill accrued during its deconstruction of Brown v. EMA, we estimated the state’s cumulative payout to the ESA at around $1,327,000. Once you factor in the state’s own legal costs, however, California’s total payout for attempting to regulate the sale of violent games to minors rings up at a cool $1.8 million, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Billable hours accrued by lawyers working for the state add an estimated $500,000 to the failed legislation’s price tag, which has been slowly growing since the state decided to appeal the bill’s initial injunction way back in 2007. Considering that California’s budget deficit is projected to reach somewhere around $22 billion this year, two million bucks doesn’t seem like all that much in comparison. It’s like tossing a box of matches into a burning building: What are you gonna do, set it more on fire?


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