Apple kick google where it hurts

“Apple had just kicked Google’s $12.5 billion dollar boy, Motorola Mobility, right where it hurts winning a major legal battle,” Nigam Arora writes for Forbes.
“In Germany, Munich Regional Court has ruled that Motorola’s phones infringe Apple’s slide-to-unlock patent,” Arora writes. “This is a major victory for Apple. Apple can use this decision against all Android vendors.”

Arora writes, “Technically, it is simple to get around this patent by using a different kind of motion to unlock a phone. However, consumers have gotten used to a simple slide from left to right… When shopping for a phone, the first thing the consumer does is to unlock the phone. Imagine a typical consumer in a phone store getting frustrated at not being able to unlock a phone with a simple left right motion… Then imagine the consumer picking up a different brand of Android phone and having to learn yet another kind of motion to unlock the phone. Imagine all of this happening while the shopper is standing next to a beautiful display of iPhones.”


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